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Novel Fruit Paradise in Turkey: Akhisar and Gemlik Olives

Did you know that the olive fields were God's first temple? It is no wonder why olives are most remarkable that they can grow for up to two thousand years.

They symbolise seniority, unity, productivity and success and God’s blessings. Considering multitudinous interests, perhaps, olives had always been the real Ambrosia, the food and drink of myths, from ancient times.

Even though olives grow in several regions nowadays, the Mediterranean region is the primary source of olive. The regions’ olive production estimates roughly 98% of the worlds. Turkish Gemlik and Akhisar type is an essential part of the Mediterranean produce. They are petite, oily, black, and infamous around the world. These olives exported to many regions, from mainly the Aegean region of Turkey to Russia and many other countries. Besides Turkish immigrants and other Turkic nations, food enthusiasts familiar with Mediterranean cuisine or healthy food variants show interest in these health gems.

Olive, a miraculous plant, is grown in Akhisar and Gemlik, popular regions of Turkey, with various methods and care. If you live in Akhisar - where the bulk of olive trees of Turkey grow, you should feel fortunate; however, if you are far from this clove-scented land, don’t worry! Cansa Export always works to deliver the best Turkish Olives so that olives can accompany breakfasts and your favourite meals. The typical dishes to use olives are Green olive salad, olive pastry, dried tomato and olive omelette and many others. Follow Cansa for the recipes of these marvellous meals and much more!

Savoury green olives are harvested at the beginning of November when they first turn green and darkening to the "naturally black ripe" stage by early December. Flora and Fauna couldn’t have thought it in a more conforming approach: not long after the close of the tourist fall, it’s time to pick the olives in Turkey. With the Winter coming on the way, preparations begin. Those preparations in Mediterranean culture and Turkey consist of preparing a wood supply, drying fruits, herbs, and spices, pickling vegetables, and of course, the seasonal olive crop. Every moment utilised to accumulate valuable olives from the various olive trees along the Turkish countryside. As Cansa Export, we are proud of being the bridge between those olives, their products, and you, in other parts of the world like England or Russia.

Following the discoveries of new approaches for your sensitive skin, olives are a prerequisite for your skincare. After all, who doesn't want to have spectacular and luminous skin? Skin needs oils and moisture for protection. If you wish to avoid factory-made skin creams or lotions, you can try consuming Cansa Export olive oil and its products. After a few days of introducing it to your body, you will likely experience the change.

Being the master of the Aegean and Mediterranean regions, olives continue to be indispensable for our breakfasts. Especially olives from Akhisar and Gemlik are appealing stone fruits that possess salutary lipids and polyphenol antioxidants. Their low-calorie consistency proposes that they may support weight loss by assisting you to feel complete. If you have ever been to Akhisar or Gemlik, you must have been fascinated by the fresh scent of olive and their reputed breakfast cuisine. Do not worry if you did not. We are here to come knocking at your door with wholesome and delightful olives from Akhisar and Gemlik regions.

Olives have miraculous Antioxidants, which have strong biological effects. Antioxidants are present in olive oils. Olive oil prevents strokes and heart attacks. Besides, some researches show that it can fight Alzheimer’s disease. Olive oil is taken orally into the body to prescribe hypertension and anxiety as medicine and vermicide—boiled extract of raw or drained leaves taken verbally to help asthma, hypertension, and provoke diuresis. Again, infusion of leaves is taken orally to reduce fever and as an anti-inflammatory tonic. Another miracle of this marvellous fruit is its benefits against COVID19 and sort of viruses. Olive leaves tend to enrich your immune system against such viruses.

The world's leading cause of death is currently heart failure. Why does this happen? As time goes by, more and more people are suffering from heart disease, which is the product of elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol, and several other causes. What other steps can we take to minimise the risk or seriousness of elevated blood pressure, cholesterol, and other factors, aside from chronic medications? Suffice to say that evidence reveals that it can reduce diabetes and cancer risk. In the Mediterranean region, the osteoporosis rates are lower than in the rest of Europe. Low levels of osteoporosis add to the speculation that olives and related products may positively differ. Some plant compounds present in olives and olive oil have been shown in animal tests to inhibit bone loss. While human studies are not enough, it is encouraging that animal research and data are available to reduce fracture rates in the Mediterranean diet.

Furthermore, According to the International Olive Council data, Turkey ranks third in olive production and olives exports. Olive cultivation is a significant financial resource for Turkey and is also one of the best nutrition resources. In addition to all these beauties, we export olives which are a gift from Turkish paradises on earth, Akhisar and Gemlik, to enable them to Turkish people living abroad. We provide you with the best service by adopting the principle of protecting and maintaining this value. Herewith, from roots to branches, and your home with the admirably selected secret of health and beauty.

Yet, another critical thing to remember about the olive and olive products is that the selection and logistics journey is essential as the product itself. Who are the unique olives from Gemlik, or Akhisar, brought to you? A key thing to remember about choosing the right company for your olives is its versatility: economic, physical, and mental. Exports are significant to modern economies because they offer people and firms many more markets for their goods. Cansa Export Team visits the source of the produce, farmers. Then packages them in contemporary facilities after choosing the regions’ best produce. We provide Turkish people abroad and Turkish Cuisine Enthusiasts to obtain the best quality olives from the Turkish paradises on earth! Always remember that you are what you eat.

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