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CANSA EXPORT: Presents Turkish Delicacies to you all over the world.

Our Products

Founded in 1976, Cansa exports and distributes food and kitchen equipment wholesale, mainly in Russia. It delivers carefully selected foodstuffs and kitchen equipment to turkish society and HORECA companies abroad.


Basic foodstuffs

We deliver the most important basic food products of Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine directly to our international customers, mainly Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, UK and Germany. Turkish basic foodstuffs: dried legumes, spices, dry dessert, sunflower oil, olive oil, Gemlik olive oil.

Cansa export, which operates with brands such as Tukas, seedlings and Tat, one of the leaders of the Turkish canned sector, produces gin pepper, biting pepper, mixed pickles and tomato paste with its own registered brand Cansa. Farmer's direct buyer policy is to deliver the best quality to your customers at the best price.

Turkish deli and beverage products

Especially with our extensive network in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, we bring you the products you miss. Nowadays, you can supply daily desserts such as Cumhuriyet, Pinar, Namet Sausages, Pinar, Tahsildaroglu, Ekici Dairy Products, Famous Hatay Künefesi, Kahraman Marash Ice Cream in parekens or wholesale from our branches abroad.

What We're Doing

Cansa has a wide range of products including its own brand and dealerships. in addition to local distribution in all Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, exports provide services such as kitchen installation and turkish event tent installation in organizations.

It actively serves our customers in internet stores other than parekende outlets in Turkey and Russia.

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Internet Sales Stores

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